10 Thrift Shopping Tips + What I Scored at Goodwill For Under $20 | February 2019

By now, you’ve either heard of or watched ‘Tidying Up With Marie Kondo’ on Netflix. She goes into *borderline* hoarders homes and helps them get rid of items that don’t serve a purpose or bring joy. The reason why I’m even bringing this is up is because this show has been influential enough that everyone and their grandma has been donating what doesn’t bring them joy to Goodwill, and that’s where I come in…

Here are a few tips and tricks to get the most out of thrift shopping:

  1. You HAVE to be in the mood to shop and have a couple of hours to spare. This means you’re relaxed, you have a coffee or huge Diet Coke in hand, and you’re ready to rock.
  2. Find a few Goodwill, or Salvation Army, shops in an established or older neighborhood. This part is crucial in making sure your thrift store isn’t picked over and guarantees you can find some great vintage gems.
  3. Wear a pair of jeans and a plain t-shirt so you’re a blank canvas when trying on items. It’s easy to overlook items because you can’t picture how you’re going to style and personalize it. Leave the leopard skirt at home and stick to this versatile outfit.
  4. Go shopping with a few items you need in mind. With my most recent shopping trip, I was on the hunt for neutral colors, sweaters, and any home goods that caught my eye.
  5. Shop in different size and gender sections. I tend to shop in the M-XL range because some vintage items look cooler oversized. ALWAYS shop in the men’s t-shirt section. You’ll find plenty of ugly graphic tees from 2008, but I’ve found some great vintage tees there too.
  6. Goodwill organizes their racks by size and COLOR. This is such a great tool because I know for a fact that I’ll never go for certain colors, and I can save time by avoiding those sections.
  7. You HAVE to try stuff on. Think about what you have at home and what you can pair items with. If you’re anything like me, you gravitate towards the same things every time you shop. Which brings me to my next tip…
  8. Bring a friend or force your husband to tag along! 🙃Thrift shopping is most definitely not Nick’s thing; however, I bring him to step in and help reel me back in when I pick out something that’s truly heinous, or to call me out when I’m trying to buy an identical black sweater that I already have 3 of at home. If I believe in the piece, I explain to Nick exactly how I envision I’ll style it and what I have at home that will go with it. I usually win, but sometimes I take a second look and see how ridiculous the item is and put it back on the rack.
  9. Pay attention to the color of the price tags at Goodwill. They’re always running a special on different colored tags during different days. When I went on a Sunday, they were running a 99cent special on all tan colored tags. SMOKIN’ DEAL!!!
  10. Wash your new items ASAP and repeat. Not everything in thrift stores belonged to some roach infested hoarder, but maybeeeee, just MAYBE it did, so better safe than sorry.

Check out what I recently picked up at Goodwill below!




  • We spent the morning taking a croissant baking class + I’m basically ready to join the Great British Bake-Off 🥐✨
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  • I biked 6.1 miles around Central Park today, so I did what any other athlete would do and carb loaded in Little Italy to regain strength 🤪🍝🍷🥖
  • Breakfast in bed w/ a side of chunky doggy booty!
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  • HAPPY SUNDAY! #OnTheBlog I posted about our first 2 months in NYC + a few of my favorite snapshots. 
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  • Soaking up that Saturday morning sun 🌞 But seriously, we can spend all day out here. I’m currently dreaming up + designing our patio - it’s bigger than our bedroom! Next step is to make friends that can enjoy it this summer with us lol