Our first fall in Denver has been COLD. It’s such a funny thing going from Arizona to a cold climate. I’ve definitely adjusted and I’m okay in the 30-40 degree weather, but I have to keep in mind we’ll be hitting insane temps in winter. Until the dreadful winter hits, I’m savoring my first real fall.

What I’ve learned so far:

-The shade and wind are the enemies, the sun is your BFF.

-It snows during fall… who knew!?

-Take pictures of pretty fall leaves BEFORE it snows. After that, they’re gone.

-You can literally never have enough sweaters or boots. Buy them all.

-It’s totally okay to drink iced coffee/lattes in 40-degree weather, but bring gloves.

-Invest in heated blankets or heating pads because your feet will always be frozen.

-Hot bubble baths + hot tea before bed.

-Lotion those hands all. day. long.

-Start mentally preparing for winter ahead…


PONCHO/CAPE – Michael Kors

JEANS – J.Crew

BOOTIES – similar, similar

TANK – similar



  • We spent the morning taking a croissant baking class + I’m basically ready to join the Great British Bake-Off 🥐✨
  • To be young and in love in New York City 💕 #ihadto
  • I biked 6.1 miles around Central Park today, so I did what any other athlete would do and carb loaded in Little Italy to regain strength 🤪🍝🍷🥖
  • Breakfast in bed w/ a side of chunky doggy booty!
Happy Saturday ☀️🍓✨♥️
  • HAPPY SUNDAY! #OnTheBlog I posted about our first 2 months in NYC + a few of my favorite snapshots. 
SPOILER: we ♥️ New York and we’re probably never leaving but like still go read plz thx
  • Soaking up that Saturday morning sun 🌞 But seriously, we can spend all day out here. I’m currently dreaming up + designing our patio - it’s bigger than our bedroom! Next step is to make friends that can enjoy it this summer with us lol