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When Nicholas and I first started dreaming about moving out of Arizona, Seattle was top of the list— even if we had never visited! We decided to visit for our one year wedding anniversary and we fell in LOVE with the city. We packed so much into our 4 day weekend in Seattle. I’m letting you in on the must-see places and things to do when you visit. Luckily, we had 4 days full of sunshine and didn’t get a single drop of rain! We were kinda bummed since we love rainy weather, but it made exploring and walking around a lot easier and enjoyable.

First day:

We landed pretty early in the morning so we took the light rail into downtown.  We didn’t have early check-in so we checked our luggage off at the hotel and decided to walk around downtown and grab brunch! We first went to a little park named Victor Steinbrueck Park which overlooked Elliott Bay and was literally right in front of Pike Place Market! One place I was super excited to visit was the OG Starbucks! We stopped in for the ~experience~ and for a cup of coffee since we had been up since 4 AM that day! It was worth the long line, but you’re in and out pretty quickly.

After that, we walked around Pike Place for the full Seattle experience. Once 3 PM rolled around, we walked back to the hotel to rest and freshen up for the Mariners baseball game. We walked downtown to grab dinner and we stopped at a Mediterranean restaurant called Eggs and Plants. The food was DELISH and we were ready for the game! We were confused why so many people brought their dogs to the game, but it turned out to be Dog Night!!! We were stoked. The Mariners won so we even got a firework show.

ice cream cone with flowers in the backgroundSeattle skyline at dusk

The next day:

If there’s one thing I recommend, get the Day/Night pass for the Space Needle. We went first thing in the morning AND a little after sunset — it was the prettiest view of the city.

The next monumental site I needed a picture in front of was the Gum Wall! Nick was completely grossed out the whole time, but I thought it was so fun! He snapped my picture in front of the wall and I added my wad of Bubblicious to the wall.

Next, we went to a location that Nick was dying to see: the Seattle Public Library. This was the most interesting, gorgeous, SHINY, building. I found this little nook with a cool view of the city, so we had an impromptu photo shoot.

One local spot high on my list was Molly Moons Ice Cream. We went to the Queen Anne’s location, which was POPPIN’! I decided to branch out and try the Earl Grey and Honey Lavender flavor. After we filled up on ice cream, we went back to the Space Needle to enjoy the night view.

The third day, our one year anniversary:

We started our day by grabbing a light breakfast at The London Plane, which doubles as a flower shop! It’s located in Pioneer Square, a cute block of restaurants and quirky shops. We wandered around and stumbled upon a few different tours. We decided to take the underground tour which shows you the original Seattle! We had no idea this was even a thing, but it was so fun to learn about it.

Later that night, we celebrated our anniversary at The Pink Door, a fancy restaurant located in an alley in Pike Place. It doesn’t have any signage, the only thing you’re looking for is the pink door. We walked by it a few times, but finally figured it out! I ordered an Aperol spritz at the bar as we waited for our table. After one sip and a quick picture, I managed to knock my drink all over the bar. It was super embarrassing, but a fun memory Nick loves to bring up. 🙃 After dinner, we walked around the city and grabbed a coffee which is our favorite way to end date night.

Last day:

We always take the earliest flight into town and the latest flight out so we can maximize our time! This last day was packed full of places to visit. Nick snuck out to “grab coffee” while I got ready and brought back a gorgeous bouquet of flowers from Pike Place. For breakfast, we grabbed coffee and donuts from Top Pot donuts. Seriously so good. 

Since I LOVE Grey’s Anatomy we had to take a ferry. We jumped on the ferry out to the next island and honestly, it wasn’t anything special at all. Save your dollars haha.

We went to the Starbucks Reserve, where they serve artisan coffee and roast their beans! This place was super busy, but if you can snatch a seat at the bar, it’s so worth it! They also had the cutest, unique Starbucks merch. I chose the cold brew milkshake and Nick had a bubbly cold brew. I loved mine, I don’t think Nick loved his haha. That last shot is from our flight out. It was the perfect view and note to end on our trip. 



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