Life in NYC: 2 Month Update

We’re celebrating 2 months of living in NYC, and I gotta tell ya… we’re in love.

It still hasn’t fully hit that we live in New York, and I’m not sure it ever will, but we do have these moments of realization that we’re here. Nick and I will be doing something New York-y and give each other a look of “Wait, holy crap, we live here!!?”

Since we have weekends off together, we dedicate those days to exploring Manhattan. As you can imagine, there are a plethora of things to do, see, and eat, but we’re working our way through, one Yelp search at a time. We also set aside Wednesday and Friday night for a coffee or dinner date after work to catch up on the week, or work on personal projects–like my blog!

Now that the weather is getting warmer, I wanted to shift our focus to designing our patio! Our patio is HUGE- like, larger than our bedroom, so I want to make it a space we utilize throughout the warmer months. I have a design board with my vision, and surprisingly, Nicholas is completely on board!

This summer I’m really pushing myself to ‘network’ and make friends. NYC has millions of people so I’m bound to find another Jonas Brother lovin’, coffee-obsessed gal that’s down to shop or stay in and binge a show. Friend time is SO IMPORTANT in any relationship so we’re focusing on our hobbies and finding friends that way! I’m thrilled to put myself out there and meet some fun girls.

Below are a few snapshots from our two months in NYC



  • Breakfast in bed w/ a side of chunky doggy booty!
Happy Saturday ☀️🍓✨♥️
  • HAPPY SUNDAY! #OnTheBlog I posted about our first 2 months in NYC + a few of my favorite snapshots. 
SPOILER: we ♥️ New York and we’re probably never leaving but like still go read plz thx
  • Soaking up that Saturday morning sun 🌞 But seriously, we can spend all day out here. I’m currently dreaming up + designing our patio - it’s bigger than our bedroom! Next step is to make friends that can enjoy it this summer with us lol
  • Morning light on my favorite corner of our apartment + the furry love of my life sneaking into the pic✨♥️
  • Started our Saturday by stuffing our faces @smorgasburg + ended it by adopting 2 plant babies from the cutest @littleshopofsoil 🌿
  • It feels like yesterday that I was belting @taylorswift songs, feeling incredibly nervous bc I was about to go on a date with the cute guy from work. And now we’re celebrating 3 years as husband + wife 💕 Time is flying by but I’m so happy we’re doing life together and living out our wildest dreams.